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    Replacement Stem.

    I have a Mya Orb, and recently some not so graceful activities went down; and my stem is broken. Long story short i let a friend of mine use it, and his drunk A** cross threaded my down pipe as well as were you attach the adapters for multiple hoses. So i was wondering if there was anywhere that i could just purchase a new stem? Any help would be grateful, thank you.

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    Hello That_H0aX_Guy,

    Sorry to hear about your stem but glad to see you are sharing your MYA Hookah with friends!

    Take a look at our accessories page for stems here.... http://www.myahookah.com/hookah-stems.aspx

    All three of those should fit a screw in base.

    Your other option is to contact us at 877-277-8692 and we can help set you up with another stem.

    While you are at it, have your buddy pick up his own hookah so you can return the favor.

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