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    Cleaning Kit for Mya?

    Hi everyone!

    I need a good cleaning kit for my Mya, any tips on where to get one? ( I got an acrylic mya and it didnt come with a kit).

    Ive been told lemon juice is a good cleaner to use as well...any truth to that?


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    You should have a stem brush that came with your hookah. If not, pick one up online somewhere, also gun cleaning kits have a similar brush, or a pipe cleaner can make do with smaller hookahs.

    Use that and hot water to get any gunk out of your stem. If the flavor has ghosted REALLY bad, I like to pour a mixture of salt and water into the stem, holding both ends so it stays inside, and shake that back and forth. Usually takes care of the smell.

    For the base, denture cleansing tablets are your best friend. Throw one in and it'll clean any caked on junk on the inside, and then just rinse with hot water.

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    You can get brushes at Brewing stores as well if you have one near by. They have all sorts of cool bottle brushes and long thin brushes for stems.

    And he beat me to the denture cleaning tablet suggestion. Cheapest, easiest way I have found to get ANYTHING out of your base.

    Heck, if you are real careful I THINK you can use a .223 gun brush on your hose....
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