Hello All!

I got to try more of the mya rocks, I ordered peach and strawberry to try. I just tried the peach yesterday.
The peach smells great just opening the container up, it reminds me of peach soda. It took awhile for the rocks to get warmed up, but the result is a nice moist thick smoke. The rocks are more forgiving to heat than regular shisha, making them good for beginner hookah smokers. ( heat management is still necessary using a regular shisha burner but it is less so than smoking regular shisha). The smoke is light and the flavor is good, a bit less intense than the Lime flavor I tried.

Overall: 4.5 out of 5 stars

The Good:
Lasts a long time, my session was at least an hour long in a small mya
great flavor , peachy and pleasant

The Not So Good:
Slightly milder flavor than the lime flavor I tried ( not really a big issue)

Both Mya rocks flavors I have tried so far have made it on my top 10 list of favorite hookah flavors.

I will try/review the Strawberry soon. Hopefully will order some other flavors soon too, but short on cash

( unless our friends at Mya want to send me some free samples , I'd be happy to review them )