I got some of the Mya rocks to try with my new hookah.

I was skeptical at first but they turned out to be a good investment.

things to note about Mya rocks:
- they do take a while to warm up , longer than shisha
- they are worth the wait- seem to do well with high heat as opposed to shisha
- thick clouds of moist smoke, overall very pleasant texture, aroma, and overall smoking experience.
- The lime flavor is great, it reminds me of lime candy rather than a real lime- but this is a good thing. I hope to try out and review other flavors soon as soon as I can get some extra cash
-the best part is the smoking session lasted a long time, though the smoke is thick its not as heavy as shisha, great for a day you don't necessarily want shisha.

I recommend this product, 5/5 stars