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Thread: Mya QT review

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    Mya QT review

    This is the workhorse of the Mya hookahs as far as I'm concerned. I am speaking of the original QT, as opposed to the Econo.

    The Original QT's were actually an inch taller and instead of the platform for the tray there was just a lip the tray locked onto. The newer QTs are nice with the tray platform but i kinda miss the first style.

    The stem is still cast brass with the nickel chrome finish. This puts it construction wise on par with the higher end traditional hookahs. No hollow spun steel here. The screw in ports are stronger than the traditional welded hose ports on traditional hookahs and will NOT crack and leak with use. The crew in purge valve is easy to clean and ball replacement is a snap. It is also designed no you don't have to loosen the purge cover to give the balll room to move out of the wy. Like all Mya purge valves it is build like a mushroom so the ball can lift up and out of the way without having to mess with it.

    I used these hookahs as the main smokers in my lounge and while people would sometimes ask for a bigger hookah, after trying them they agreed they hit as well as larger hookahs. Needless to say with their reasonable price tag I sold a lot of them as well.

    Another plus is their small size and low center of gravity. Being only 13" they are extremely hard to tip over. The dog's tail isn't going to end up dumping all your stuff off the table. Their size also allows you to place several on a table and still be able to see the people on the opposite side of the table, as opposed to trying to see through the forest of stems.

    If you are looking for a easily portable, solidly made, low maintenance, basic hookah, i suggest the standard QT.
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    Mya QT review

    Hope to see a more detail review on this scope when you had more time.

    Have a nice day.

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