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    Jan 2018

    thanks for having me

    Hi Joy,

    Welcome to RYL Im glad youve found us. I hope you can find the support you need for both self harm and addictive behaviours.


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    Jan 2018

    thanks for having me

    Welcome to the boards. Hope to see you at vous....look for the red and white "circus" tent...always willing to share a beverage with another rider.

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    Jan 2018

    thanks for having me

    Im new to dark elves, but been playing wood elves for years. I just got my brother into the hobby and he fell in love with high elves. I figured I might as well get into dark elves so we can complete the group.

    Anyway, I hope to learn a lot from the forum. Ive picked up a hydra and a bunch of core models. I only play with friends, so I can use my wood elf models as proxies until I get a proper army.


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    thanks for having me

    Thanks direweasel and Calisson for the advice. I picked up the models I have off Ebay in a large lot, so thats how I ended up with 5 corsairs. I guess I should also say that I only really play with friends; in a small gaming group. So I can proxy anything I want with my wood elf models.

    I guess then I need to figure out which models I cant live without. The warlocks look pretty sweet and despite already owning two dragons, I really like that dreadlord model.

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